URBI ET ORBI MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS EASTER 2024 Central loggia of the Vatican Basilica Sunday, 31 March 2024

The message of Easter, celebrated worldwide, emphasizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ, signifying the triumph of life over death. Just as the tomb of Jesus was found empty, symbolizing the removal of obstacles, such as war and human rights violations, from humanity's path, Easter brings renewal and hope. The Pope's message extends to various global conflicts, emphasizing the need for peace, reconciliation, and humanitarian aid. Specific regions like the Holy Land, Ukraine, Syria, and Lebanon are mentioned, urging for dialogue, compassion, and an end to violence. Additionally, attention is drawn to other areas experiencing crises, such as Myanmar, Haiti, and regions in Africa, urging for solidarity and assistance. The Pope calls for action against human trafficking, advocating for the protection of every individual's dignity and rights. The Easter message is one of compassion, urging political leaders and individuals alike to work towards a world where every human life is valued, protected, and loved.

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